18th Century, England – Young AHAB ENTWISTLE works on a boat with his CAPTAIN father. They are transporting a highly prized Golden Sword back to England. Ahab is anxious to help but his father advises him to stay below deck because the sea is rough and things are dangerous. Ahab ignores the order and heads up top while Father tries to harpoon a passing family of whales. The boat hits rocks and Ahab is thrown overboard. He swims to a rocky outcropping. A large wave slams a slab of wood into Ahab causing the loss of his leg.

Years pass and Ahab Entwistle is now a middle-aged English boat captain. He has spent much of his life executing secret voyages for king and country and has never felt properly compensated. Ahab begins to reevaluate his loyalties to his country and to himself. Recent events have put the highly treasured golden sword in Ahab’s control. Ahab’s partner and wanted man, LONG JOHN MOON, shows up with a warning for Ahab. The golden sword, now hidden on the Island of Bermuda, is at risk of being found by a pirate named WILLIAM THE CHIN. Ahab must act quickly and organize a voyage to retrieve the sword or risk losing the valuable asset. Ahab and crew set sail and must overcome dangerous obstacles such as the French Navy, the Bermuda Witch, a man eating spider, and an island of hostile natives. All the while, Ahab is torn between guaranteed wealth and riches in America or returning home with the golden sword for the glory of England.