“Ahab Entwistle” was inspired by a series of drawings created by the late John Entwistle. The idea was pitched to Cy Langston and approval was given to write the script. Cy was John’s best friend and personal manager. He is now a representative of the Entwistle Estate. He has read the completed script and is on board with the project. A character has also been written with Cy’s good friend Roger Daltrey in mind.

The script includes nine songs to be evaluated by the creative team.

We are currently looking to inquire with animation studios, producers, and/or agents with animation experience to help us bring these characters to life.

If you are interested in reviewing a (pdf) copy of the script please send a request to the email address below. Include your name and the company you represent.

You may also request a hard copy of the script. Once your information is verified we will mail the script.